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Hudson Soccer is excited to offer summer camps.  Hosted at the beautiful Field of Dreams Soccer Complex, there's a camp for all soccer levels of play.  All camp curriculums are by DOC Casey Holm.

Registation is now open!  CLICK HERE to register!

Finishing Training

June 15th through 17th

10am to 11:30am

Price: $99

Ages: 9-18


Curriculum provided by DOC Casey Holm. Players will learn all things technique in finishing. They will worked on ball striking, attacking positioning, turning, placement, movements and more. This is a great session for any attacking player looking for more.

Position Specific Camp

July 13th through 15th

10am to 12pm

Price: $99

Age: 9 - 18

Position Specific Camp curriculum by DOC Casey Holm. 


Day 1 - Individual attacking 

Day 2 - Tips and Tricks back to goal

Day 3 - Off Ball movement and patterns to goal



Day 1 - Passing and Receiving in multiple forms

Day 2 - Keeping the ball and shape (going forward and backward)

Day 3 - Awareness in the attack



Day 1 - Individual Defending

Day 2 - Team Defending

Day 3 - Shape in dealing with crosses and building out of the back



Day 1 - Catching and Diving

Day 2 - Tactical Awareness (Positioning)

Day 3 - Distribution (Punting, Throwing and kicking)

Summer Rec Camp

July 13th through 15th

10:30am to 12pm

Price: $99

Age: 6 - 9


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