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Western Wisconsin Uniforms:

All travel players need a WESTERN WISCONSIN uniform.  This is the same kit from the 2021-22 season.  Only new players and those needing replacements will need to order uniforms.  New to Western Wisconsin families will need to enter 00 for the number.  Returning players will need to enter their current number, not the number that they want to have/change to.  

Uniform ordering will be open during the following time:

July 31st through August 6th

See below for sizing information.

Any questions, please contact Missy Nelson.

Uniform Costs:

New Kit (2 Jerseys, 1 Pair of Shorts, 2 Pairs of Socks) $130

Keeper Kit (Keeper Jersey, Shorts, 2 Pairs of Socks) $100

Combo Keeper + Regular Kit (Keeper Jersey, Keeper Shorts, Keeper Socks, 2 Jerseys,  1 Pair of Shorts, 2 Pairs of Socks) $200

Replacement Jersey or Shorts $45

Replacement Socks $15

*Plus shipping.

Unisex/Youth Away Kit

Unisex/Youth Away Kit

Ladies Away Kit

Unisex/Youth Home Kit

Ladies Home Kit

Unisex/Youth Keeper Kit

Ladies Keeper Kit